***For pictures of my altar statue commission series "Idolators", view the album HERE!  I will begin taking some requests for custom goddess altar statues, preferably esoteric and lesser-known goddesses.  I will take clients at my own leisure beginning in the new year.  If you're interested in my folk art altar idols and have an interesting idea, shoot me an email at  and I'll let you know whether I'm available to work with or not. ***

While I enjoy sharing my crafts, giving them away and getting feedback, I do not currently have a shop.  I'm not one of the pagan bloggers out there to make a dime, this blog is just to share my crafts, life and writings, so unfortunately any requests to buy crafts featured on this blog will have to be turned down (with the exception of Idolator altar statues which are sold privately, not through this blog).  I do however love to exchange arts and crafts with other pagan artists, and I'm always open to that idea, but I don't put a price tag on the things I do every day for fun- that's simply not me.  Anyone interested in exchanging, trade or bargaining can contact me!

Pearwood personal sigils
Alderwood dream staff

 Howlite skull darkmoon necklace

Sweet violet syrup

 Ogham reed flute necklace with aventurine

Key to the wildwood
Morrighan Devotional- watercolor on acid-free French parchment

In My Head by Angelina Nelson-J

The Bone-Man wand, with snake and mandragora relief 

Angelina N. 2012
Necromancer Oracles
Rootbaby charms
Poison Maiden/Pharmakis/Venefica/Mistress of Drugs
The Priestess of Poisons, plants of the gods, witch-herbs and rootbabies.  In her arms she cradles poppy and morning glory flower, poppy pods and datura pods.  From her dress grow amantia and wavy-caps, cannabis and devil's trumpet, morning glory and salvia leaves.  She is guided by a small snake and laughing skull,  she is the ancient poisoner of European lore, the drug-sorceress of Greek legend, the ghost who haunts the Garden of the Gods.
Hekate: As Above, So Below
With a key points to the heavens, with her left-hand she points to the realm of bones,  follow her and she will guide you.
,., and her black hound will guide you too
Hekate Kleiduchos, saffron cloaked and key-bearing
Simple silver Hekate Kleiduchos
My personal Hekate
Hekate Nurse of Youth
Hekate Night-Wanderer, with snake and key, wreathed in golden oak leaves

Three Poisoners: Somniferum, Euphorica and the Herbal Sorceress
Euphorica (center) is SOLD
Flidais statue/idol, custom for author Morgan Daimler, 2013-14