Sunday, September 8, 2013

Summer Rain

Hekate's Deipnon
As summer wanes and my favorite local herbs begin to fade, I take to to my work while there is still sun to be had and charms to be made.  I bless my philters in the light of the sun, I draw inspiration from my patio garden that perfumes the air with the pungent smells of lemon balm, basil and tomato.  As I delve deeper into my studies of Hekatean witchcraft I've begun to appreciate the cycle of the moon in a way I never did before.  I was never the type of witch who traced every little ritual or rite by the phase of the moon and time of day- it isn't necessary in the type of practice I do, however it is a large part of the practical portion of green witchcraft and is inherent to the traditional witchcraft I've studied and I find myself drawn to the consistency and beauty of following the phases a little more carefully.  This past deipnon, I felt, for the first time in months, a spark of hope for myself. 



ghost resin, cherry, blonde amber, cinnamon, storax, copal, dragons blood
I gathered cherry resin by the full moonlight, carving the sigil of love and attraction over the soft bark of the seeping well of our family cherry tree by the Duwamish River.  That tree has been on my partner's property since the area was first settled and has seen love and marriage and children flourish beneath it's heavy, old branches.  I was drawn to the well at it's west side, a gushing wound with the sticky, water soluble gum often called "cherry resin".  Cherry resin has a pleasant smell once it's been through the dehydrator (which I've discovered is a wonderful method and a necessary one as the gum will mold) and can be added to incense (with not-too-great results) but smells better whole and included in love philters, witchbottles, charms and worn as a stunning amulet to draw love divination and sexual attraction- I love smoothing the hardened substance into beautiful shapes and stringing them with amber on copper wire as sacred adornment. Love magic is such a huge hobby of mine, I never get tired of working my herbal sorcery around attraction and success charms for friends.  It's one of many trees I've got a working spiritual relationship with.  Not everyone gets the chance to get to know their land, to study her herbs, to study the spirits and topography, to find a way of life in being devoted to the genius loci and to feel it reciprocated in the natural way.


I consider myself a Northwestern witch; the plants with whom I have my deepest spiritual connection are native to my home here, I was raised in the broader Coastal tribal community, the mystical perspectives I've learned and brought into my life is drawn from this land and the spirits here.  Though I draw from my ancestors and the cultural faith in which I was raised as a Native American of mixed-raced decent, it is bonded to my religion-of-the-land, my devotion to this beautiful Emerald City.  Having spent my life up here in the Pacific Northwest, I'd consider what I do to be intrinsically tied to this land specifically, to the Evergreen forests of Washington and the sapphire blue waters of the Puget Sound.  I'm proud to have forged so many kinds of relationships with this land and her people and her inhabitants.  It makes me feel like what I do is truly sacred- bridging my multicultural upbringing with my spiritual devotion to this land and all land.

On a personal note...
I've found myself preoccupied over the last few months with writing, with reinventing myself, with discovering how deep down my social anxiety goes.  It's normal for introverts to crave their silence, it's entirely another thing to be so phobic of social interaction.  While summer is a time for connections, for freedom and participation, hermits like me don't get out much.  I spend most of my time alone in the wood with my sickle, or getting in to shape (I'm 50 lbs down, 15 to go until my goal weight!), or reading, writing and working out my issues.  It's become harder to be around others- their emotional dependence becomes too much for me to handle, the need, the obligation, the forced conversations, the burden of carrying the misery of others... I've decided to seek therapy again, hopefully with a better doctor this time, someone who wont try to help me with pharmaceuticals they've been bribed to prescribe (like most doctors these days).  Luckily where I live, there are options for herbal remedies that are not available to everyone else in the world or the country and with a little help from my friend, I get by.

End of summer blessings upon you all.

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Anonymous said...

I know just how you feel. I'm introverted myself, and I recently told my friends I was taking a month-long break from our usual social activities so I can sort myself out. I'm spending lots of time in meditation and long walks. It's what I need right now, but I have to be careful. The less time I spend being social, the less tolerant I become of social situations, and the cycle spirals inward until I become kind of mental. Congratulations on getting in shape! I've lost a lot of weight over the past year myself, and although I'm pleased, its also revealed a lot of anxiety I have. My fat was more than a health issue - it was my armor and part of my identity. Shedding it has been a true metamorphosis, which has been uncomfortable at times and has revealed a lot of buried things. I hope you find the help you need. Remember that you're worth all the effort!