Tuesday, April 2, 2013

With a little wormwood in my wine...

Blessing the resins, salts, herbs and thorns that are going into a repelling jar
A sunny weekend can be hard to find up here in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is starved for sunshine and soaked to the bone and so the days where a cloud can't be seen is a goddess-send and it seems like the whole of Western Washington comes Downtown to explore the museums the Space Needle, the Science Centers and all the glorious cultural landmarks of Seattle (and yes, we are a culture unto ourselves- liberal to the core, green-thumbed and cannabis-friendly to the point of devotion).  I waded into the masses with a couple of friends in tow and we explored the market where I feasted on local pinot noir on the corner, honey sticks and toffee peanuts by the news-stands, smoked salmon samples right below Post Alley and drank a cup of blue eyes down at the Perennial Tea-house   

Hekate is a permanent part of my wortcunning
My work as a witch usually takes me downtown every month, but especially the sunny days; Pike Place Market has everything a witch could need, bones, stones, flowers, herbs, books, sweets- the essential building blocks of a sorceress!  The local apiary sends their sweet lavender honey, Tenzing deals in books, diviner's tools, hoodoo magic and are known especially as the best old-school apothecary in the state; I visit them frequently, stalking up for the coming moons.  At Tenzing they work like a family, knowledgeable herbalists who know as much about the magical meaning of an herb as they do about the medicinal qualities.  Each of them have wonderful advice, I'm convinced my herbs give away my intentions away every time.  There in the apothecary they trade High-John root for a personal item, they keep a sacred altar to Hanuman where the public drop their karma in his lap, and they always play just the right song at just the right time.


When I got home I got to work jarring and relabeling my new herbs, overwhelmed by smells both delicious and repellent   My hands were sticky stained with amber, the spoons smell of blonde sandalwood, storax, benzoin, dragons blood, pine resin, cherry resin and camphor  the jars are stuffed to the brim with red clover and mugwort, hibiscus and peppermint, catnip and lemon grass, lemon balm and vervain, worm wood and dandelion, and the viciously repugnant Valerian that always stinks up the kitchen.  My aunt gave me a few bottles of local mead this Easter and I promptly set about infusing it with my favorite naughty herbs, ones to induce lust and passion and madness.  I always enjoy a good flirting spell shared in a glass between friends...  

A witch always appreciates a good love philtre

A very good weekend.