Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Idolator and Three Poison Spirits

My three favorite things: snakes, plants and beautiful women...
While I'm so happy to have finally finished these idols after a month and a half of work, I'm always sad and sorry to see them go.  I only ever take commissions of things I like to create, preferably feminine, flowery, lovely gods and spirits, so it's always a little sad to see work I'd  selfishly rather keep go to their true owners.  I've been scraping the acrylic and clay out from under my nails, salvaging my glaze-stained t-shirts and blessing statues left and right, they are ready to leave my collection so that I can make room for two Flidais, two Airmid, two Morrighan, one Vesta and a very special An Cailleach for a very special reader ^_^.  Sacred sculpture has come to mean so much to me, as does the support of everyone who reads this blog and visits my Idolator's page.  Thank you LC for your interest and I look forward to shipping Euphorica your way!


Euphorica was sculpted after a deep vision granted by smoke, sleep and spirits.  I wanted her to look like the spirit of Poisons I see in my dreams, the haunting and beautiful woman who draws you near, the mistress you chase through the veil by way of seed, leaf, pipe .  But she isn't real, it's not she that lives with spiritual energy, it's her garden that lives and the culmination of all her herbs thriving between worlds gives way to the spirit that accompanies those who seek to experience the flight of spirit.

Sweet, deceptive foxglove,

dreamy, seductive papaver somniferum,
maddening, wild-loving datura,
wise, perceptive morning glory,
the green man's red cap,
leaves of lovely atropa belladonna,
the familiar asleep,
the sacred magic root,
and the skull of the man who chases this spirit too unwisely.

Poisoner Spirit Somniferum


Somniferum was sculpted by myself, but painted by my partner, digital artist and painter Andrew Jimenez.   He collaborated on this one with me, and did such a spectacular job capturing her poisonous, beautiful nature. It was important that she be colorful- unlike the other two which are spirits and witches of a ghostly form, this one is the spirit, the witch arisen from the poisonous world, she is as alive as the brown earth, as beautiful as the devilish trumpets, and as serene as the opium poppy.  Beside her lies the skull of the poor soul who chases her too unwisely.  Always a warning, no plant-spirit is without danger, so treat them all with respect.  She is $100 + s/h.


The Herbal Sorceress with her rootbaby alraun is the mistress who keeps the Garden of the Gods, where all manner of spirit-lifting plant grows. I imagined her to be the witch as a spirit of drugs herself.  She is soft of color and her plants are vibrant and mind capturing.  As I flew between worlds, aided by my pipe and ceremonial whiskey, I shaped her from clay and places in her center the seed of a yew berry, so that she would have a poisoner's heart.  She is $85 + s/h.


If you're interested in commissions or these pieces specifically, feel free to visit my facebook page, take a look at the Idolator's gallery and contact me at ivyonthepath@yahoo.com .  My commission roster is closed for the next two months but I'm always looking for new and challenging ideas so send me your idea and we'll see what we can do!