Monday, April 18, 2011

More Crafty Goings On

Bottled my Beltane Floor Wash- I'm excited to use it to clean down the altar and my tools.  So far it is a success, i even got to share it with my friends Trish and Lisa, to clean down Trisha's new altar desk.

The customization of my ritual blade is coming along swimmingly lol!  One side is carved with the acorn- my tradition's symbol (and really a very universal green witch symbol) of virility and power and is generally a symbol that draws positive energy where it goes. In Dilis Glas, the acorn is as much an emblem of life as death and putting the symbol on tools is pretty customary for me.  The other side has the nine-fold Dilis Glas tree engraved into the wood.  The top will have a treskele and the blade itself will be engraved with the vines of the ivy path.  Awesome, no?

The potential  Burn i'll be making-  linden wood, alder wood and more!  After the altar is set with golden, green and white creamy linens, the blades are cleaned, the air scented with lilacs, periwinkles and early wisteria,  the bones are set reddened, porcelain and brass plates filled with honey and pudding, breads baked with honey and oats, spring fruits chilling on Fostoria crystal and the pillar candles of mossy green are standing high and proud, the fires of Beltane are lit.

The equinoxes and solstices are days i dedicate specifically to ritual work only, and all forms of power... but the Celtic feasts are days I've come to honor as simple celebrations of food and merriment.  Beltane, i purify the house and keep the doors and windows open to invite in luck, fey and fertility in life.  Hawthorn boughs will be swining heavy in the breeze while the first fire goes up, to bless the land and the celebrations.  For kindling love, respect, empowerment and fecundity, I've made this linden wood Beltane Burn!  Added are herbs and oils best paired with this wholesome, loving wood.  In addition  even piled on red alder chips for an otherworldly experience.  Cinnamon, mugwort, peppermint, Neptune, cloves, lemon balm, vervain, beeswax, dried rose, rose and cinnamon oil, consecrated salt, a pinch of myrtle and a while lot more!

If only you smell this stuff.... yum.