Monday, August 15, 2011

Bless my home

Sacred Brighid the Exalted One walks with me
I've been reading a book called Witches and Neighbors: The Social and Cultural Context of European Witchcraft by Robin Briggs that I'm enjoying so far, it's the newest edition to my impressive collection of European witch craze and folklore.  I'm not sure what to make of it so far, it's a little dry and lacking some of the folklore I was hoping to revel in, but pretty straight forward so far.
This made a wonderful dinner!  Plate of it along with some puff pastry was left on the table over night for the honorable dead and ancestor spirits.

In Dilis Glas, seeds and berries are representative of certain fertility rites and blessings- they are some times cast into still water for divination or buried after three days at the crossroads.
Mmmm Mead!
Before the full moon, Andrew and I performed the blessing of our new home and erected the Founding altar of Brighid.  We left her blackberries, Corcorcor and Oregon grape; those offerings are very important for me and my relationship with Her, my sacred beloved Brighid.  Brighid the Healer is the most important figure of my tradition, and I never stay at a new home without paying homage to her and her gifts.  Sacred beloved Brighid has been invited with healing smoke, hand forged sickle blades, local brewed golden mead, home grown mullein leaf, garden harvested zucchini, squash flower and onion, and fire. 
Oh me and my ancient sacred blades ^_^, family heirlooms

Oregon grape is a native herb of the
Northwest as far as I know, and one that attracts
and blesses with plenty and beauty
She is not the only one who has been called upon to bless this home ^_^.

Rosmerta and Nantosuelta have graced my home with their presence as well.  So has my new friend, this moth who has made a home here after resting upon Brighid's altar, warmed by the flames.

The spirits around me have been restless, change is coming and whispers are being carried on the wind to the ears of the Hag and the Hunter.  Soon, An Cailleach collects her cold sun and beats about the ground with her staff and her hammer.  Soon, the trees will dwindle, the chestnuts fall, the bramble withers and the first frost arrives.  That is when I go into the dark, closer to my spirits, to my kitchen and to my hearth.  Wandering and flying, traveling and moving between the worlds at the blessing of the Veiled One.  

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  1. Have you two done a bhuddist blessing for your home as well?