Saturday, March 12, 2011

Horned One, Cernnunos

What does the Horned One mean to your life?  When you bring him up, the first thing any person off the streets thinks is "Oh, Satan?!"   Cernunnos and I have had a long love affair (something I've come to accept he has with many MANY people lol).  I knew him as the Horned One as a child, the god of the woods whose face is seen between the leaves of the trees and in the stillness of a woodland puddle.

Many witches and devotees see him differently from one another.  I see him as the Horned Hunter of the Night; who rules over life and death, rebirth and the passage to the otherworld through the gateway of  the the forest.  In my tradition, Dilis Glas, The Horned Hunter/Cernunnos is the masculine counter aspect to the goddess of the crossroads, a spirit who allows us to see the passage of life and death through the forest, which is a sacred and spiritual realm to us, our realm of choice.

For many, Cernunnos takes on the role of the Father- the divine masculine in it's most earthbound form, as the stag god of the woods who is wed to the goddess of the waters of the land.  They weave and mate and produce fertility in our world.  The Horned God is a kindly, gentle yet elusive creature in my opinion.  He leads you on a wild chase through your own life and in your own mind, yet is also a quiet companion and guide in the darkest aspects of life.  He is nature incarnate- where motives are feminine and action is masculine and both naturally coexist intrinsic to one another.

Though I associate him with the fertility of spring, I also associate him with the oncoming desolation of autumn.  Cernunnos is a drumbeat in the dark, a dancer, a meditative beast, a shape changer, the darker aspects of the woods and the glowing halo of wisdom that comes from searching the innermost self, the labyrinth of the mind.

Hoof and Horn, Hoof and Horn!  I make many offerings to Cernunnos, things I feel his spirit and my spirit share and unite us in our mutual adoration of all things wise and productive.  Ivy is always an offering I like, because I feel connected to that plant so much and it symbolizes long, complicated links between us and nature/Cernunnos.  Pear blossoms, guelder rose and other "maiden" flora symbolize lust and innocent/sexual love in the prime of life.

I'll be outside today, listening to the hoof and horn while I till the wyrt garden and bane garden.